Feast on food: Largest Indian Thalis That Will make you drool!

India is known for its exclusive street food and brilliant thalis. Thalis are basically a spread of authentic Indian cuisine and they vary from the simplest spreads to the most exotic ones. We have picked out some of the largest thalis ever – you could either complete the meal with your friends or all by yourself *wink wink*:

1. The Bahubali Thali

The look of it could be pretty daunting, but this thali tops the list. The Bahubali Thali contains various types of Daal, 11 types of main course dishes, two types of roti, a huge cup of butter, three types of rice, six types of dessert and you can end it with two huge glasses of Lassi. Restaurant Aaoji Khaooji in Pune, Maharashtra is the proud owner of this perfection and it costs a good 2,000 rupees.

2. Khali Bali Thali

Touted to be the biggest Thali of the Nation, the Khali Bhali Thali is sold by Ardor 2.1 located in Delhi. The vegetarian thali is 2,000 rupees while the non-vegetarian is about 2,300 bucks. If you have a big tummy, there are unlimited refills for you and also allows you to share it with three others.

3. Dara Singh Thali

Mumbai’s Masaledar by Mini Punjab offers this big thali and this is considered to be world’s biggest non-veg thali. From starters to dessert, they are here to offer some of the most exquisite dishes and desserts and top it all,  this thali requires two people to carry it and place it on your table.

4. Chappaann Bhog Thali

Rightly named, the Chappann (56) Bhog thali has 56 varieties of dishes and desserts. This huge thali which requires more than two people to finish it is served by the Halwai Ki Dukan in Mumbai.

5. Kesariya Thali

All their thalis have about 32 items each, and that includes the welcome drink, starters, mains, a few different types of desserts and some mouth fresheners. It’s always better if you’ve got a company of three with you to finish off this delectable Thali. It is served by Kesariya restaurant in Bengaluru.

6. Maharaja Bhog

This thali is an authentic Marwari vegetarian cuisine and the Maharaja Bhog is an absolute royal treat. “On your thali will be poppadoms, two types of chutney, two types of pickles, salad, one steamed and one fried farsan, one special dish of the day, four different types of vegetable preparations, two types of Indian dal, two types of kadhi, three different types of traditional Indian breads, two types of rice, two different unlimited desserts on weekdays (three on weekends), sweet masala pan and other drinks that are provided along with the meal including their special smoked herb buttermilk”, informs EatTreat, the famous food-blogging team. 

The restaurant is located in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

7. The giant Bahubali Thali

Yet another thali of the same name was created by House of Paranthas in Pune. This is by far the largest Paratha ever made and it takes a minim of 6 people to finish it. The accompaniments include 5 types of farsan and fried snacks, 5 varieties of a sweet dish, a drink or shake, salad, pickles, chutney and topped with 3 types of ice cream. They also have the Devasena Paratha, Kattapa Biryani, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan and Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi.

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