How To Recycle Plastic Without Hurting The Earth Further!

What do we do…Use it and throw it!


Plastic bags Without doubt is the most popular common thing found in every household. Every time we go shopping we come home with some plastic produce bags of various sizes, colours and quality. We often see waste plastic bags blowing around the city snagged in the branches of trees or getting into the soil, with the unfortunate result being that animals eat them and often choke to death. 

Meet Amina Hussaini –  a home based entrepreneur from Kalaburgi, Karnataka. With a passion and urge to help society irrespective of reward and recognition, her primary goal is to reduce environmental pollution by recycling.

Mrs. Hussaini with her creativity and imaginative idea has adopted a method which is a fusion of CROCHET with plastic bags called Plarn Crochet. (Plarn is yarn made from cutting plastic bags). She has recycled tons of plastic bags into essential daily items such as floor mats, shopping bags, bean bags, small stools, pencil holders, coasters, etc.

Around thousand floor mats made from waste plastic bags where distributed to Rohingya refugees who where camping in Hyderabad. Apart from that she has also distributed grocery bags, mats and hand bags made of plarn to less previlege people free of cost in Kalaburgi.

Her main aim is to educate and create awareness among people about this unique art of re-use and re-cycling of plastic bags. She encourages and helps other women learn her amazing talent by organising various workshops of Plarn Crochet and providing material free of cost.

She has inspired a new revolution by requesting people to collect used plastic bags which they earlier used to carelessly throw away and now helps in recycling them. If you can crochet, you can turn plastic bags into blankets and other products.

Now we have to think twice before tossing those lovely little bags in the trash! For a healthy, plastic free tomorrow it is the duty of every individual to do his/her share of contribution by discouraging, denying and eliminating the usage of plastic bags to reduce plastic pollution.


by Zareen Naqvi Hyder

4 thoughts on “How To Recycle Plastic Without Hurting The Earth Further!”

  • Beautiful effort and useful to the extent of being life saving and earth saving.
    Well reported Culture and Living !!!

  • when an innovation predates a necessity, it become an invention. Businesses all over the world invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year in looking for new ways to reduce, re-use and recycle waste. I am amused to see how Amina Hussaini has created value out of something that would have otherwise gone to a landfill, or ended inside an animal – these crochet bags are both aesthetic, and functional.
    Well done ! Zareen Naqvi for writing a well-researched article that highlights the contribution of small players towards a cleaner environment.

  • WOW! I was actually looking for something I could make with my students using all the left over plastic bags we have! I am exhilarated to find such creative and DIY stuff; looking forward to attend Mrs. Hussaini’s workshop in order to become a part of her mission to reduce, reuse and recycle. Thank you Zareen for bringing up such an illuminating article on a burning issue.

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